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Welcome to Hazard Community and Technical College Libraries

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HCTC Libraries offer students, faculty, staff and community access to library and information services and materials. HCTC has two libraries, the Stephens Library and the Lees College Campus Library. Extended Campus Library Services serve the needs of the Leslie, Knott, and Technical Campuses and online students.

The staff are here to offer assistance.  Please stop by one of the locations or send your message via the Text/Chat service.  Librarians may also be reached via email or by phone.   Click on the web address to send a message to the view the staff directory.

Welcome to HCTC!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HCTC Libraries Fall Newsletter

New and Noteworthy Resources and Support

Greetings from HCTC Libraries! Fall is off to a great start, and we’re eager to support the work of our learning community during this academic year with quality academic resources, friendly support, and facilities where you can rely on the space and assistance you need to complete your project!

Since last year, we’ve “upped our game” with some new tools that we know you will love. Our LibGuides (those convenient little online library resource guides available here) continue to grow and expand, we have upgraded the chat functionality on our webpage, and we have officially opened the new Media & Information Commons at the Leslie County Center. We’re incredibly excited about this year!

If you haven’t been connecting with HCTC librarians online, well, you’re missing out. Our librarians offer quality academic support in a variety of areas—whether that means citations, bibliographies, locating books, DVD’s, or magazines, accessing our online eBooks (did you know you can download those to your e-readers, tablets, and smartphones? Click here to find out how), downloading research or news articles from our databases, or just looking over your project with you to make sure you’re on the right track! You can email us, call us, or chat with us online from the HCTC Libraries webpage.

We’re also visiting your classrooms, teaching you how to use academic and professional resources easily and effectively. You can contact us to schedule a class-visit or individual consultation, or simply stop by Stephens Library, Lees College Campus Library, or any Extended Campus Library Services location.

Featured Resource: Career Assessment

Many students come to HCTC with a major and even a career already in mind, but many are also undecided, and that’s okay! It takes time and patience to discover your career path. HCTC Libraries offers an online Career Assessment that helps you determine your strongest aptitudes based on a simple set of questions. No score can tell you what career you want, but it might tell you what majors or programs you might consider based on your interests! You can access our Testing & Education Reference Center by clicking here. You’ll find the Career Assessment under Career Tools. Give it a try today!

New Location: HCTC Libraries’ Media & Information Commons

The opening of the Media & Information Commons (alternatively dubbed “the MIC” or “the Commons”) represents the extension of library resources and support for a small campus learning community. We’ve selected resources to support those programs, provided computers with internet access, and created a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for students to study and get the help they need. Our equipment list includes iPods, a digital video camera, portable turntable, stereo, headphones, and more. Students at HCTC’s Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music will especially appreciate our collection of music and music-related items available for check-out. Stop by and say hello!

Your Needs, Your Libraries

Is there a resource you think we should offer? Is there a service you think we should provide? Would you like to schedule a class visit with an HCTC librarian? Are you having trouble using any of our tools? Seriously, please contact us. The only thing worse than feeling stumped is giving up because you’re afraid to ask for help.

Who We Are

Cathy Branson, Director
Deirdre Campbell, Library Specialist—Public
Robert Campbell, Extended Services Librarian
Donna Collins, Library Specialist—Public
Marlene Conley, Library Specialist—Technical
Patrick Davison, Reference Librarian
Adam Nickel, Reference Librarian
Barbara Watts, Library Specialist—Technical

What We Do

HCTC Libraries offer students, faculty, staff and community access to library and information services and materials. HCTC has two libraries, the Stephens Library and the Lees College Campus Library. Extended Campus Library Services serves the needs of the Leslie, Knott, and Technical Campuses as well as online students.

Contact Us!

Stephens Library
(800) 246-7521, ext. 73304

Lees College Campus Library
(800) 246-7521, ext. 73568

Extended Campus Library Services
800-246-7521 ext. 73124

Monday, August 01, 2011

Extending Our Reach

It's a new semester here at HCTC, and Extended Library Services is here to help you with homework, research, books, ebooks, articles, electronic resources, and anything else the library can supply. Just because you don't have physical access to Stephens Library or Lee County Campus Library doesn't mean you should lower your expectations. The goal of Extended Library Services is to supply the same access and services you would expect from our major campus locations. We are happy to help you navigate electronic journal articles, peruse ebooks, or search our online reference collection. Whether you are in Hyden, Hindman, our Technical campus, or working primarily online, don't hesitate to contact Robert J. Campbell, Extended Services Librarian, with your questions at or by phone at 1-800-246-7521, ext. 73124. We also look forward to connecting with you on Facebook and Twitter (coming soon)!